The violin by Claude PIROT (1775 – 1830) has something very special. The instrument contains the original note

C. Pirot Fecit Parisius Anno 1813

The instrument comes from private possession and was never opened before.  This means that the bass bar is still original and we have consciously not changed anything, as the sound is excellent in this condition. The violin has a great depth of tone and sounds soft and responds easily on all sides. It’s just a great instrument. The original neck has a normal length, although in 1813 some violins were still made with a short neck.

Claude PIROT was contemporary of famous Partisan violin makers such as Nicolas LUPOT (1758-1824), Jean-Francois ALDRIC (1765-1843), Francois-Louis PIQUE (1758-1822) and Charles Francois GAND (1787-1845). In terms of sound, this violin by Claude PIROT is absolutely equal to these big names.

Our violin by C. PIROT comes with a certificate by Jean-Jacques RAMPAL.




Year 1813
Price € 46.000
Item 2773


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