French violin by Francois Hippolyte Caussin from 1880. Francois Hippolyte Caussin (1830-1898) worked with his father Francois Caussin (1794-1866) in Neufchâteau. After his father had died Francois Hippolyte and his brother Nicolas Caussin carried on the business. Both brothers and the father are well known for their copy style of Italian masters. This violin is worked after a model from Nicolaus Amati and even bears an Amati label

Nicolas Amati fecit 1673

The instrument also has the proportion of an Amati violin, which generally tend to be smaller. Its body length is 35.0 cm. The violin is in perfect condition.

Certificate Francois Hippolyte Caussin

Gallery: Francois Hippolyte Caussin


Year ca. 1880
Price € 12.000
Inventory No 2659


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