Very good German viola by Matheus Wenceslaus Stautinger from 1773, with a body length of 41.3 cm. Large violas from the 18th century are a rarity. Works by this master are also very rare. Willibald Freiherr von Lütgendorff writes in his book “The Violin and Lute Makers from the Middle Ages to the Present”:

He was one of the best german masters in his times in Francs

At the same time, the famous master Leopold Widhalm was also working nearby Nuremberg, and Stautinger’s entire work is reminiscent of his style. A special feature of the viola is the snail, which is made of pear wood. The neck is still original, so it is not attached. The instrument has the well-preserved original label on the bottom inside:

Matheus Wenceslaus Stautinger, me fecit, Wirceburgi 1773

The viola impresses with a warm tone and a large sound volume



Year 1962
Price € 12.000
Article 2558


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