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Violin making – violins, violas, cellos

Traditional Mittenwald School Violin Making
Mittenwald school violin making tradition has always been the greatest passion for our luthiers. Traditional craftmanship in combination with the → Read more

Instrument repair & restauration

We pride ourselves in carrying out all violin, viola, cello and bow repairs under one roof – from minor repairs to major restoration work. We → Read more

Bow rehairing

Ideally, your violin, viola or cello bow should be rehaired about once a year. In most cases you can drop off and pick up your → Read more

Valuations & certificates – violins, violas, cellos, bows

Valuations for violins, violin bows, violas, cellos
The value of a bow or a musical instrument depends on many factors including its sound, origin and → Read more

Instruments for hire

We offer beginners the opportunity to hire value for money instruments of all sizes, from size 1/16 violins upwards. Renting a violin or viola including → Read more

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