We pride ourselves in carrying out all violin, viola, cello and bow repairs under one roof – from minor repairs to major restoration work. We are more than happy to provide you with a price specific to your instrument or bow. Just ask.

Service and repair of stringed instruments and bows

If an instrument is played a lot, due to wear and tear and minor damage, maintenance work is necessary from time to time, even with proper storage and regular care. Violin bows, viola and cello bows should also be re-haired about once a year on average.    (click here)

The service and maintenance work for string instruments in our violin making workshop includes, for example:

Renewing, dressing and underlaying the fingerboard

Peg renew, bushing pegholes

Cleaning the instrument (opening the top or back)

Cutting open the bridge – master bridges made from very old wood (stored for at least 10 years)

Peg renew

Fitting the soundpost

Fitting the soundpost patch

Renew edges and corners

Replace the upper nut and bottom nut

Replace the hanging string (gut or plastic)

Neck graft



Major repair and restauration  for violins, violas, cellos & bows

In the case of major accidental damage, such as cracks in the body or a broken violin bow, more elaborate restorations are sometimes necessary. Our luthiers are experts in string instruments and specialists in restoration work of all kinds. If your cello, bow or violin has been damaged, contact us or visit us in our Munich violin making workshop.

Frequent accidental damage to violins, cellos and violas

Soundpost crack on violin, cello or viola

Broken lower block

Broken pegbox

Cracks in the belly

Cracks on the corpus of the instrument

varnish damage and splinters

Fractures of the neck, scroll or corpus



Storage and care of violins, violas, cellos and bows

Proper care and storage of instruments and bows reduces maintenance intervals and the risk of accidents. With frequent use, the instrument is constantly exposed to wear and tear and signs of wear. For example, room temperature, humidity, sweat or even rosin dust can affect the sensitive instrument. Even when at rest, as well as during transport, the instrument should always be stored ‘correctly’. For proper care and storage, we offer a wide range of accessories in our studio. Some examples of well-known manufacturers can be found under Violin Cases, Cello Cases and Lacquer Care Products.


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