French cello bow by Jacob Eury around 1835 to 1840. This cello bow is an absolute rarity in an incredibly well-preserved condition. For the export of this Eury bow the permission of the Ministry of Culture was necessary. The EURY bow weighs 81 grams. The rod is very firm. This cello bow is pictured in the book

L’Archet, von Bernard Millant und Jean Francois Raffin, Band 1, Seite 258, No. 11.

Bernard Millant writes in it the following:

Jacob Eury’s bows are highly sought after by musicians and collectors and are compared from an artistic point of view with those of Francois Tourte.

Our cello bow comes with a certificate by Jean-Francois Raffin.

Additionally we have a

Certificat d´exportation pour un bien culturel“.



Year 1835-1840
Price on request
Article 2702


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