Very good violin bow made by Ludwig Otto DÖLLING (1878 – 1966) around 1930.

Otto DÖLLING, a bow maker from Markneukirchen, was the son of the violin maker Hermann DÖLLING. He learned in the company Hermann August MÖNNING also in Markneukirchen, where he started his own business in 1898. Two of his sons, Kurt Dölling (1902 – 1952) and Heinz Dölling (1913 – 2001), received their training as bow makers from him.

Our bow has an excellent solid angular stick made of pernambuco wood. It is made after a TOURTE model, the metal parts are made of silver. It weighs 60.5 grams with the normal silver wrapping. The condition is perfect.

Otto DÖLLING stamped his bows, depending on the quality, with his name and additionally with one, two or three stars. Our bow has the highest quality with three stars.

Detailed view


Year ca. 1930
Price € 2.500
Article 2369


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