Valuations for violins, violin bows, violas, cellos

The value of a bow or a musical instrument depends on many factors including its sound, origin and condition. As the valuation of beginners’ basic instruments is generally not that time-consuming we offer this service free of charge. A verbal valuation of higher quality violins, violas, cellos or bows is priced at €25. Written valuations including a photo are based on the value of the instrument or bow.

Certificates of authenticity from world-leading experts

For a large number of our instruments and bows by well-known masters, we have certificates of authenticity made by the world’s leading experts in London and Paris. On the product pages of our online catalogue for instruments and bows, the appraisals and certificates are assigned to the respective instrument or bow.

For the certification of high-quality violins and bows from well-known masters, we have been working particularly closely with the following experts for years:

Jean-Francois Raffin

By far the largest number of certificates for our French violin bows, viola bows and cell bows were issued by Jean Francois Raffin (Paris). Jean Francois Raffin is one of the leading independent experts for high-quality French master bows, as there are also numerous in our range (e.g. Sartory Tourte, Ouchard, Peccate)

Bernard Millant

Bernard Millant (1929 to 2017) was a great French master bowmaker and expert in violin bows, viola bows and cello bows, with whom we maintained close personal contacts for many years. Between 1999 and 2001 Lena Fischer worked at Millant / Le Canu in Paris and Caean, where she was able to gain further knowledge about French violin bows. A large number of our violin bows have been certified by Bernard Millant

Jean-Jacques Rampal

Jean-Jacques Rampal, successor of Etienne Vatelot at Atelier Vatelot-Rampal (Paris), is one of the world’s leading experts on string instruments. Various violins from our range are certified by Jean-Jacques Rampal

Charles Arthur Beare

Today, Charles Arthur Beare is considered the most renowned violin expert in the world. The New York Times referred to Beare as

the most esteemed authenticator in the world

The news channel CNN even called C.A. Bear

King of all violin dealers

Like Wolf-Dieter and Lena Fischer, Beare is also a graduate of the State College for Violin Making in Mittenwald. For the certification of some of our most exclusive cellos and violins, we have been working with Charles Arthur Beare for years

C. Hans Karl Schmidt

H.K. Schmidt is a multi-award-winning German bowmaker and proven expert for German violin bows, which are also in our bow range. C. Hans Karl Schmidt is the editor of the book Deutsche Bogenmacher


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