Much has been written about François Xavier TOURTE (1748-1835), as he is still the most important and most sought-after bowmaker of all time. Our bow is a typical example of his outstanding work.

The fantastic, angular rod is made of the very best pernambuco, with the head model indicating an early date of origin around 1810.

The headstock is not original, but is made exactly according to the model of F.X. TOURTE: The ivory was replaced by Mammut for reasons of species protection. The ebony plate consists of one piece, as usual with F.X. TOURTE.

The frog and legs of our bow are also no longer original, but were excellently designed with great expertise, exactly according to the model of F.X. TOURTE. As examples of the working methods of F.X. TOURTE from the years around 1810, I would like to list the following interesting features:

The three-part leg has two opposing pins on each silver ring. They are filed by hand and therefore not quite evenly round. The screw has a continuous thread, so it is screwed into the leg.

The Ebony Frog does not have a metal track, as F.X. TOURTE never used a track. In my personal opinion, this method “wood on wood”, i.e. not a track, has a positive influence on the sound (the metal track was invented some time later by François LUPOT).

The drawer and gusset are made entirely of mother-of-pearl and mitred, as was customary with F.X. TOURTE mainly in his earlier creative period.

The experts in Paris from the Jean-François RAFFIN team are enthusiastic about the ingenious quality of our TOURTE bow. It’s the best bow we’ve ever had, suitable for a great soloist!

  • Addendum: Our workshop celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. Back in the early 70s, the world-famous violinist Nathan MILSTEIN was a good customer of ours. Before his concerts in Munich’s Herkulessaal, he regularly made his Tourte bow hairy. It is a great pleasure and special for us to be able to offer a bow of this great “Stradivarius of bow making” for the first time in such a long time.

Wolf-Dieter Fischer – Munich in October 2020



The bow includes a Certificat d ́Authenticite from the Cabinet d ́Archetiers Experts Jean-Francois RAFFIN, Yannick LE CANU, Sylvain BIGOT.
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detailled view François Xavier Tourte




Year 1810
Price on demand
Article 2063


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